The U.S. Senate will discuss the events in Ukraine today

The lawmakers will be told about the events in Ukraine by the Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland, who has seen firsthand the events in Kiev on December 11, when the power attempts to disperse the Euro Maidan failed.

Another speaker on the Ukrainian question is an American political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Past hearings have contributed to the adoption of the resolution of the Senate calling for the U.S. government to apply sanctions against Ukrainian officials involved in violence against peaceful demonstrators.

The U.S. lawmakers are concerned about the policy pursued by Russia towards Ukraine. For this reason, the present review of the Ukrainian question in the Senate, which will take place at 21:00 ( 14:00 Washington time) Kiev time, is relevant.

"The fact is that Russia is bribing corrupt rulers of the former Soviet Union, that they refused to European integration. The Ukraine Association Agreement was sold, or in other words - lies to the shop to get it back, you have to return the preferences. Waive off gas, refuse to credit. It is clear that this is not is going to happen. That is now Ukraine 's European integration is the extent as the Constitution says that Ukraine is a legal state that power belongs to the people, "- O.Sushko commented.

He said that if the Association Agreement and is not signed, then all that is said by the power about European integration is " demagoguery".

"What is offered to Ukraine ( by Russia - Ed.) - A system of informal dependencies, ie if the terms of loans, the loan can be stopped at any time. In case it is not, then it means that the country can not be independent. The national interests of the United States include the extent of the country in the post-Soviet region may be independent of Russia and pursue an independent policy. Actually this little purchase of sovereignty of Ukraine and Armenia bit earlier - is a major challenge, which the U.S. did not come across in this part of the world for many years, "- the expert said about international relations.

The second part of the document that can be discussed in the U.S. Senate today, is the ability to respond to the situation in Ukraine, - O.Sushko said.

"There are two points: first - a response to human rights violations. If there is enough evidence that suggests that some senior officials involved in violations of human rights, then surely such officials can be penalized. This is especially sensitive to people who are not just bureaucrats and business-related real estate, having accounts abroad. And the Ukrainian ruling elite, unlike Belarus, has the following interests. It is in America they have sensitive pressure points in terms of commerce. It is difficult to say whether they are sensitive, but this issue will be discussed. The second point - a money laundering "- the expert predicted.

He recalled the example of Pavlo Lazrenko in this context.

"Compared to the current power that Lazarenko - it's " just flowers ". It is clear that the Senate will address the issue on the current Ukrainian authorities. At least inspection and investigation will be conducted, "- O.Sushko said about the U.S. leverage on the Ukrainian authorities.

Troubles that the U.S. can arrange to Ukrainian authorities can be done unexpectedly.

"Besides, these troubles are not the ones which will be announced in advance, and these troubles can be suddenly opened up when people, for example, will be traveling the world, or try to use their accounts. It is a very clever mechanism that can be very unpleasant, "- the expert said.


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