What is the price of the heads of Crimean extremists?

The situation in Crimea is indefinite and unpredictable. Under the barrels of automatic weapons the deputies have voted in favor of the new Crimean Prime Minister Sergey Aks’onov. The process of appointment was controlled by bandits, due to whom a notorious ex-gangster.


There is constant pressure exercised upon the defenders of Crimea!!

Russian military men continue to exercise psychological pressure upon the military men of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in order to persuade them to lay down arms and support the new authorities of Crimea.


A group of independent Military Observers in Crimea

In the period from 5 till the 12 of March in Ukraine there’s an OSCE verification mission, formed upon request from Ukraine. The aim of the military mission of unarmed OSCE observers is to visit the military facilities of the Armed forces of Ukraine and the Russian Black Sea fleet situated on the Autonomous Republic of Crimea to collect impartial data about the current state of affairs.


The U.S. Senate will discuss the events in Ukraine today

Today, the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the U.S. Senate for the second time in the last two months will discuss the Ukrainian issue. The meeting will lead the committee chairman Sen. Bob Menendez, UNN reports referring to Radio Svoboda.


V.Ogryzko: general sanctions against Ukraine will not be implemented

January 15. UNN. The Former Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ogryzko said that the EU and the USA will not introduce the general sanctions against Ukraine yet, except that targeted sanctions against the powers of the second and third tier. He said this during a press conference, UNN reports.


Chief of Ukrainian General Staff on official visit in Italy

January 14. ITALY –Colonel General Volodymyr Zamana, Chief of General Staff, Ukrainian Armed Forces, arrived for an official visit to Italy on January 13, 2014, to hold talks with his Italian counterpart – Admiral Luigi Binelli Mantelli, Chief of the Italian Defence General Staff.


Weekly Information Analytical Review of Defence News

Weekly Information Analytical Review of Defence News

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Defense bulletin
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